5peak_n_spell: (trolling like a boss)
2013-02-22 12:44 pm

How Lou Got Her Job

Interviews were the worst. It was stupid that people even needed dumb jobs but she wasn't raking in the scholarships like she did as an undergrad. Back then all she had to say was that she was a hispanic orphan who was found behind a Lowes and people were throwing money at her to go to school. Well, once she flashed them the DNA mapping she had done to prove she was Puerto Rican. Best $300 she'd ever spent. Not only was her tuition covered, she had enough for dorms and a meal allowance. No one ever told her that the gravy train stopped running once she had her Bachelors. Now that she was in grad school she had to find another way to support herself. That meant a job which meant work. So naturally Lou was not thrilled about the prospect.

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